A note from our founder…

At Connected Solutions Group, we have a simple belief that every wireless hardware deployment has a sensible and significantly more affordable solution just waiting to be unearthed.  With nearly a dozen years of experience directly inside the downstream trade of wireless technology, our ownership prides itself on problem-solving, cost-effective, and innovative ways to bring your hardware application to life.

We help customers at every stage of development.  Whether you have an application but no idea whatsoever which hardware will work for you, or you have spent countless hours zeroing in on a specific device, our work begins from the moment we get your call.  We can provide numerous options based on your specification requirements, or simply work to get the device you’ve decided on within your budget. This much I can promise you – we will work tirelessly until we have found the most effective and cost-sensitive solution for you.

The relationships I have built at every level of the device lifecycle have uniquely positioned CSG to offer a wide range of solutions for any cellular hardware deployment.  I have put together a team that reflects the principles and work ethic that I believe in, and we take pride in doing things the right way.

We see every potential customer as a partner.  We are in essence your purchasing team, and our job is simply to find you the best product at the best price.

It would be an honor and privilege to go to work for you.


Michael C. Pittman

President & Founder

Connected Solutions Group, LLC

What we do…

CSG specializes in providing affordable solutions for large volume wireless deployments across a wide range of Enterprise, M2M and IOT verticals.  We help you find the best device for your application and work tirelessly to provide it under budget.

CSG’s facility in Richmond, Virginia is strategically designed to facilitate a host of fulfillment and logistical services, including custom kitting and labeling, SIM implementation, IMEI and ID reporting, asset tagging, deployment logistics, and much more.

CSG’s technicians can perform a number of device alterations including software upgrades /downgrades, custom banners and logos, unlocking services, lock-down & MDM implementation, & much more.  We take pride in taking on any challenge. 

CSG can close the loop on the life cycle of devices by buying back retired or excess hardware.  Whether through direct purchase or revolutionary revenue sharing models, we will make sure you get maximum residual value to use towards your new device rollouts.

CSG also designs and manufacturers rugged deployable solutions for a variety of verticals and use cases. This spawned from our mission to solve every mobile connectivity challenge our customers face. We couldn’t find products that were up to the demanding tasks our customers needed them to tackle, so we created our own.