Mobile Command Center Mini

Our development of our MCC Mini set out with a single goal in mind: To build the most rugged, small LTE deployable on the market. We succeeded. The Mini features an integrated, protected, high gain antenna engineered and produced in partnership with Parsec Technologies. This results in greater performance than the strategy other competing solutions offer- relying on traditional stick and paddle antennas which offer little signal gain and are easily damaged. The innovative antenna design is partnered with a leading brand router, and 11,000 mAh battery inside the IP67 rated case, with access to all needed battery and router ports extended to the outside of the case through CSG exclusive weatherproof ports. In fact, the Mini is designed to be deployed “closed”, so protection is maximized while working and not just while packed away!



  • IP67 rated rugged case for weatherproof and drop resistant durability
  • Integrated Cradlepoint IBR900
  • Weatherproof CSG exclusive port system delivers easy access to needed power and router ports without compromise
  • Integrated High Gain antenna array delivers high speeds and wide coverage without the risk associated with delicate stick and paddle antennas
  • Custom high strength plastic internals deliver anti-shock protection to the router and battery
  • long lasting 11,000mAh battery delivers 16-20 hours of use time on a single charge
  • The optional Solar Mat and vehicle charging kit provides indefinite field deployment with even moderate sunlight availability or accessory port power from a vehicle
  • Dual Sim version available for versatile connectivity options